The Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System helps parents and schools work together to resolve disputes about special education.
We do not provide legal advice or advocacy for either parents or districts, and we do not mediate 504 plan disputes.

How do I select a mediator?

Both parties to the dispute must agree on who will serve as a mediator. You may request a mediator from the WSEMS list or the system will assign one for you. If a mediator is chosen from this list, the mediator’s services are provided without charge to the participants. If the participants choose to use a mediator who is not on the WSEMS list, the participants are responsible for the mediator’s fees.

    Contact WSEMS

    888-298-3857 (Toll Free Voice)
    608-283-9106 (Fax)

    PO Box 829
    Madison WI 53701-0829