The Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System helps parents and schools work together to resolve disputes about special education.
We do not provide legal advice or advocacy for either parents or districts, and we do not mediate 504 plan disputes.

Who are the mediators?

WSEMS has a list of experienced mediators who are located statewide. The mediators come from a variety of professions, including law, social work, psychology, and education. None of the mediators are currently employed by a school district or DPI or affiliated with a parent advocacy group. They are skilled in mediation with a working knowledge about the special education process. All of the mediators have completed a five-day training on special education law and policy and the mediation process. Each year the mediators receive additional training.

    Contact WSEMS

    888-298-3857 (Toll Free Voice)
    608-283-9106 (Fax)

    PO Box 829
    Madison WI 53701-0829