Daryl C. Jackson, Chicago, IL


Name: Daryl C. Jackson

Location: Chicago, Illinois – Available Statewide

Education: Masters of Science (Community Health), Northern Illinois University; Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Psychology), University of Minnesota.

Mediation Training:

  • Mediation Training Certificates from the Justice Center of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois
  • Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System, 5-Day Intensive and Annual Update Trainings, 2010-Present.      

Current Position: Deputy Director of Policy and Provider Relations, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Illinois Department of Human Services.

Past Positions:

  • Executive Officer, Office of the Cook County Medical Examiner.
  • Regional Public Health Officer, State of Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Administrative Law Judge, State of Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Director of Operations, Corporate Compliance Officer, Hearing Officer, Cook County Ambulatory and Community Health Network.
  • Human Services Management, Independent Consultant.

Mediation Experience: As an experienced facilitator for more than 15 years, I have worked in the areas of special education, long term residential care and workplace disputes. I have facilitated many patient care and special education mediations. Most of the mediations have resulted in written agreements.

Perspective on Mediation: At its foundation, mediation involves effective communication and collaboration. This means exploring issues in an effort to identify the underlying concerns of both parties and to find the best possible alternatives that meets both sets of concerns.

During mediation, the process may take the form of exploring existing concerns to learn from the other parties’ insights. These insights can be used to further the process along and create better understanding between both parties.

Disclosure: I grew up with a sister with an intellectual disability and special needs.