by Elton Krafft

Special Education in Plain Language

A User-friendly Interactive Handbook on Special Education Laws, Policies and Practices in Wisconsin

2009, Third Edition, Including a 2019 Supplement 

Collaboratively developed and reviewed by Wisconsin Parents, Advocacy Organizations, School and Special Education Administrators, General and Special Educators, Service Providers, Union Members, Special Education Attorneys, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

2019 Project Authors

Nissan Bar-Lev, WCASS
Margaret Resan, DPI
Sara Totten, WCASS
Courtney Salzer, WIFACETS
Nico Mittnacht, DPI
Wendy Overturf, WIFACETS

Original 2009 Project Authors

Nissan Bar-Lev, WCASS
Patricia Bober, WDPI
Greg Dietz, WCASS
Courtney Salzer, WIFACETS
Susan Endress, WIFACETS
Elliot Weiman, WDPI

This interactive handbook was made possible by funding from IDEA grant number H027A060064A. Its content may be reprinted in whole or in part, with credit to Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction acknowledged. However, reproduction of this handbook in whole or in part for resale is not authorized.